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AR Regrouping

AR Regrouping from Alternative Business Systems, LLC simplifies managing your billing and receipt application. AR Regrouping combines multiple billing cycles or runs into one invoice. For example, your sales division completes there orders in the first week of each month and the service division finalizes their billings one week later but your customer only wants one invoice. AR Regrouping can be configured to automatically combine these orders. You not only have a satisfied customer but fewer invoices to process and manage. Your TRAVERSE system gives your business a vast competitive advantage: efficiency and cost savings.

AR Regrouping for TRAVERSE®

AR Regrouping is easy to use and configure because it uses the existing functionality and standards of TRAVERSE. You decide if you want the system to automatically combine transactions or you can specify which orders to merge.

Numerous controls are in place so you can easily handle exceptions such as separating previously combined orders.

AR Regrouping for TRAVERSE®

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