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Billing Plus

Streamline your billing process by integrating the Billing Plus add-on with TRAVERSE®. Whether your organization accepts billing files from OCLC or other vendors in Excel spreadsheet formats, Billing Plus can import those files and turn them into Accounts Receivable Transactions ready for printing. This saves time from manual entry and gives the user tighter controls over pricing as well as balancing reports to give you the assurance of accuracy.

Billing Plus for TRAVERSE®

Billing Plus is designed to work for your organization out of the box with the use of the multitude of options in the vendor’s configuration from the way the file is imported to the way transactions are created and priced. There is also multiple levels of pricing to allow for the many variations in your organizational needs.

Excel Imports are a snap! The mapping screen allows the end user to configure the import based on the billing file from the Vendor. There is no need for program changes based on variations in the different spreadsheets. You have all the control by mapping the columns.

Billing Plus for TRAVERSE®

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