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Get vital information today; make the best decisions for tomorrow

How much money is coming in? How much is going out? Where do fi nancials stand today? You need to know these things about your business on a day-to-day basis. The TRAVERSE General Ledger application is the center of your accounting system. Entries from other applications fl ow into General Ledger, giving you timely fi nancial information that is vital to your decision-making. You can maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom fi nancial statements and reports for up-to-date results on your company’s activities.

TRAVERSE General Ledger provides 40-character account masks and seven user-defi ned segments. You can have up to 367 periods per year open and maintain history for an unlimited number of years. You can even use the multilingual capabilities of TRAVERSE to do international reporting; work and report in the language of choice and switch between installed language sets at will. As with all TRAVERSE products, free source code is available.

Additional General Ledger Features:

  • divisional and departmental accounting with user-definable account masks
  • predefined statements and balance sheets that can be customized for company needs
  • a financial report writer for user-designed financial reports
  • customized keyboard tab stops with custom screen layout
  • easy creation of cash-flow statements
  • automatic reversing entries in all periods
  • password override to write out-of-balance journal entries
  • unlimited account allocations
  • posting logs that can be stored in a file as well as printed
  • unlimited budgets and forecasts
  • budget creation based on percentages, dollar amounts, or allocations
  • copy from previous budgets
  • ability to archive journal entries in separate tables for performance improvement
  • multiple years open during transaction entry and posting functions
  • improved drill-down,
  • ability to run an audit trial balance
  • copy chart of accounts from department to department and from company to company
  • referential integrity, preventing deletion of data used by other tables
  • comprehensive online help
  • print to file with rich or normal text, or output to Excel or HTML
  • optional report previewing before printing
  • ”quick search” method for finding data or information

General Ledger Reports:

Audit Trial Balance Report
Chart of Accounts
Activity Reports
Cash Flow Statements
General Ledger Journals

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