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Job Cost

Keeping tabs on the course of jobs couldn’t be easier

In a job shop production environment, a company can simply perform a service for customers such as machining services and/or producing a product. Service-only shops typically have a short turnaround time for customer orders, with a strong emphasis on job status reporting as well as accurate labor and materials costing to the job. In addition to these requirements, a shop that produces a product will require tight inventory control and the ability to buy parts and materials to the job.

With TRAVERSE Job Cost, you can defi ne the structure of the job and make decisions about how the job levels will accrue costs and how billing will be handled. You’ll also be able to get information on job-todate costs compared to estimates. The history screens provide billing, cost and profi t information on a month-to-date, year-to-date, and project-to-date basis.

Additional Job Cost Features:

  • assign different GL distribution codes to each job, phase or task level
  • assign different tax classes to each job, phase or task level
  • assign unlimited cost rates to each employee using user-defined descriptions
  • enter time tickets using a time-saving batch processing capability
  • use Accounts Payable transaction entry to apply charges directly to jobs
  • transfer materials directly from inventory to jobs
  • bill for deposits on jobs
  • place billing holds on jobs or phases
  • apply deposits or advances directly against invoices in AR transaction entry
  • use the Purchase Order module to print Pos and to track job costs from the time a purchase order is entered
  • transfer entries in the Purchase Order module to Accounts Payable
  • allocate overhead to jobs, phases or tasks based upon accrued time or material
  • close jobs, phases and tasks independently, restricting subsequent charges from being made to specific job levels
  • archive or purge closed jobs from the system on a specific basis or by close dates
  • interface with TRAVERSE Payroll

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