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TRAVERSE® Mobile Warehouse Solutions

The functionality of Warehouse Management; the convenience of a handheld device

A number of the TRAVERSE Warehouse Management picking and receiving functions, along with other Inventory functions, are available as an application running on a Pocket PC-compatible handheld device. Mobile Warehouse is installed on a handheld and used on your warehouse floor to record receipts and shipments and track item movement. Since the handheld connects directly to the TRAVERE server via web services, the actions you record on the handheld are automatically entered into TRAVERSE, ensuring that your inventory is always up to date.

As with any TRAVERSE application, you select the function you want to use from the menu. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to set up Mobile Warehouse so that it opens to the function screen of your choice, saving you time.

Use Mobile Warehouse to pull items from your inventory in order to fulfill orders. Conversely, you can apply the item quantities in shipments you have received to specific purchase orders, location transfers, or material requisition returns.

When you take physical inventory, you can use Mobile Warehouse to record items. You can also move items from one place within the warehouse to another (for example, from one bin to another, from one container to another, or from one bin and container to a different bin and container). In addition, you can view quantity counts for items in bins and containers across all warehouse locations; you’ll be able to view on-hand and in-use quantities for the item you select to help you make sound decisions about purchases, sales and transfers.

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