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A true planning tool that gives you the information you need to solve tomorrow’s problems … today

Most manufacturing problems would be a lot easier to solve if you could only see them coming. Materials planning involves managing sales forecasts, creating master schedules, and running MRP. In short, balancing future supply and demand. TRAVERSE Material Requirements Planning enables you to plan for the future. You’ll be able to meet market demand and address your company’s production plan.

With TRAVERSE Material Requirements Planning, you produce a Master Production Schedule to plan the manufacturing of finished goods in order to meet the expected demand from your sales forecasts. Next, you use MRP functionality to determine the raw materials you need and when you need to purchase them in order to fulfill the production goals based on the Master Production Schedule.

At the heart of the system is the MRP report, a time-phased glimpse of the future demand for material components and assemblies. Combining the best of both worlds, this report features two formats for users: one for those who prefer bucketless reporting and one for those who prefer the standard MRP report based on daily, weekly, or monthly summaries.

Forecasting can be a challenge, but the TRAVERSE software tools make the job easier than ever. Forecasts can be automatically created for individual parts and assemblies based on current history using multiple methodologies. Forecast flexibility is built in at every step of the process.

Materials Planning Features:

  • MRP Inquiry with grid, graphical, and detail drilldown
  • optional automated generation of production orders from MRP
  • bucketless or user-definable buckets provided
  • lead time management
  • flexible time fences
  • component pegging
  • automatic purchase requisition generation
  • sales forecast regeneration
  • master schedule maintenance

Materials Planning Reports:

  • Standard MRP Report
  • Daily Detail MRP Report
  • Component Pegging Report
  • Planned Production Report
  • Planned Purchases Report
  • Sales Forecasts List
  • Master Schedule Report
  • Master Schedule List

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