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Multiple City Taxes

Those who process payroll understand the headaches from the filing requirements for Ohio employees. Simplify the process by utilizing the Multiple City Tax (MCT) add-on from Alternative Business Systems, LLC. The MCT add-on works great for any organization that has employees at job sites or simply on the road. MCT automates the reciprocal tax calculations required for local tax filing. It also handles the unique requirements for school district tax processing. It’s a contractor’s best tool! Your TRAVERSE system gives your organization a vast competitive advantage: efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

Multiple City Taxes for TRAVERSE®

The Multiple City Tax add-on is easy to use and configure because it utilizes the existing standards and functionality of TRAVERSE . Simply define the employees home city and enter the hours where the employee worked and let system take care of the rest. The MCT add-on also properly handles W-2 filing and reporting requirements.

Multiple City Taxes for TRAVERSE®

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