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Take complete control ... every step of the way

From the moment you decide to buy through the time the purchase is fully received and invoiced, TRAVERSE® Purchase Order gives you the power to take charge of purchase order processing.

The TRAVERSE Purchase Order application provides tools to manage the complete purchasing cycle. Other TRAVERSE applications will push requirements to the purchase requisition system. The requisitioned items are then processed for the optimal purchase price and delivery terms. Received product is available immediately, and can optionally be pushed directly to the source transactions if desired. When invoices are received from the vendors, they are tagged to the purchase order and do not need to be re-entered in the payables system.

Purchase Order gives you the features and functions you need to keep a watchful eye on the goods and services your company receives. You detect shortages and incorrect invoices so that you only pay for the items you’ve received. You can specify, confirm, and track every detail of an order you place with a vendor. You can indicate how you would like your goods shipped. You can confirm when, how many, and how much. And most importantly, you can track your original order until it is completed.

Additional Purchase Order Features:

  • return goods to vendors and change existing purchase orders
  • enter multiple receipts of goods and invoices for each line item until the order is filled
  • automatic requisition generation
  • landed cost calculations
  • quick entry/defaults on headers
  • requested ship date for each line item/order
  • print purchase orders online
  • drop shipments
  • reorder based on Min/Max, EOQ, and Forecast Based on Trends
  • enter multiple receipts of goods and invoices or each line item
  • post transactions to multiple years
  • reprint the last posting log
  • look up purchase order transactions of any status, including those posted to history

Purchase Order Reports:

Open Order Report
Receipt and Invoice Report
Purchases Journal
Returns Journal
Scheduled Delivery Report
Receipts and Invoices Report
Accrual Verifi cation Report
Goods Not Received Report
Reorder Report
Vendor Performance Report

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