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Keep your finger on the pulse of production

Production is where it all comes together. Your software must be able to tell you today’s production status, what is going to happen next, and what happened yesterday. The TRAVERSE Manufacturing Production application is up to the test. Online inquiry into existing production orders shows percentage complete based on time and materials and gives you detailed information of the status of each production process.

Once created, production orders can be edited via the visual editor in a drilldown manner for the flexibility many manufacturing environments require. Activity recording can be imported from an external source such as an automated time card or bar code data collection system, or it can be entered manually.

A variety of worksheets can assist you in this process. Each one has a specific focus in terms of what to pull, which operation to run, and where to go next. Special worksheets help expedite subcontracted processes.

Visual tools such as videos and pictures are readily available to assist in the process. A sophisticated dispatch process allows you to set the production sequence to keep things moving smoothly. Extensive variance reporting enables you to see when, where—and, most importantly— why variances took place in terms of time, usage quantities, and final production.

Production Features:

  • handling of lot tracked and serialized inventory
  • multiple releases per production order
  • visual drilldown and production order editing
  • priority based dispatching
  • online or batch release of orders
  • online updating of inventory quantities
  • problem tracking by variance code
  • bar code printing on worksheets
  • multiple costing methods
  • online status inquiry of ongoing production
  • multimedia references for operations and materials
  • multiple units of measure
  • optional automated generation of production orders from sales orders
  • optional interface to Sales Order, General Ledger, and Payroll
  • variance analysis for time, material usage, and production
  • backflushing at multiple levels
  • scrap history

Production Reports:

  • Sales Order Analysis
  • Production Schedule
  • Requirement Availability
  • In Process Status Report
  • Production Picking List
  • Order Traveler
  • Dispatch List
  • Subcontracted Services Worksheet
  • Work in Process Valuation
  • Subcontractor Status Report
  • Employee Time Log
  • Work Center Load Profile
  • Cost Variance Analysis
  • Time Variance Analysis
  • Quantity Variance Analysis
  • Production History
  • Variance Code History
  • Variance Codes Master List

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