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Shipping Order Management

Display all the orders that have been approved for shipment with requested ship dates within the specified interval of days. This screen shows the inventory requirements for a single order as well as for all orders selected for shipment. Integration to the Inventory Price and Availability screen as well as Sales Order Transaction Entry gives the shipping department information at their finger tips to make informed shipping decisions.

The detailed calculation will inform the shipping department of what percentage fulfillment an order or multiple-selected orders will have, making your decision of which orders should be shipped based on your organizations on hand inventory.

Orders display that are due to ship
(prior to specified interval of the
requested ship date)

Inventory information by individual
order and for all selected orders

Shipping Order Management, developed by ABS for TRAVERSE®

Use the selection criteria tab to filter
which orders to view

Shipping Order Management, developed by ABS for TRAVERSE®

After completing selection of desired orders to be shipped, simply click the “Print All Selected Orders” Button to automatically print the Pick Slips for those orders.

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