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Utility Billing

Bill your customers for metered and non-metered services, bill for actual costs or budget amounts and handle multi-unit buildings – residential or commercial.

TRAVERSE provides the features you want and the tools you need to run your organization more effectively. TRAVERSE is based on the award-winning Open Systems Accounting Software feature set, and source code is available so that you can customize the software to meet your unique needs. TRAVERSE was developed with Microsoft SQL and Visual Basic for Applications, so the user benefits from a seamless interface to other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and Mail as well as HTML language for the Internet. Working with the tools you’re already familiar with makes training a breeze!

Utility Billing is a billing system for companies that require a strong financial management system. A vertical module of TRAVERSE, this system gives you all of that, and more.

The versatility of the Utility Billing software starts with the setup – you can define commercial or residential properties. Each type of building can have multiple units, such as office suites or apartments. Each apartment/office suite/building can be assigned to a billable customer. You can set up multiple services with multiple rates – and offer discounts on these services. The services can be based on installed meter readings, budgets, or other criteria.

Additional Utility Billing features:

  • Batch processing capabilities for bill generation
  • Multiple meters are permitted for any service
  • Customers can move in and out of properties/units in the middle of the month
  • Meters can be changed for any service
  • Bill individual or groups of customers
  • Bills list current usage along with the usage for the same month last year for comparison purposes
  • Forfeited discounts or late payment penalties can be assessed
  • Once a late payment is assessed it can be "forgiven" or selectively deleted
  • Services can have discounts associated with the service
  • The discounts can be date-based—i.e., the discounts can be set up to be active with a date range
  • Bills can be re-printed from history files
  • Reporting can be done for multiple years
  • Monthly transfer of bills to external database for other uses
  • Optional report and bill previewing before printing
  • Billing rates can be determined by usage or flat fees

Utility Billing Reports:

Late Fee Journal
Daily Work Transaction Journal
Billing Journal
Sales Tax Report
Customer Billing Summary
Building/Unit List
Services List
Building Services List
Meter List

Utility Billing - ACH

Allow your customers to pay for services automatically to your back with ACH processing.

You have control over the customer setup and account numbers. The Utility Billing application will create the file to send to your bank and when approved as paid will import back into Traverse as an Accounts Receivable transaction to be reviewed and posted.

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