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TRAVERSE® Mobile Order

TRAVERSE Mobile Order from Open Systems, Inc. is designed to allow you to efficiently capture customer's orders anytime, anywhere with a mobile PDA device. The information captured about customers and orders is more valuable because it's shared with the award-winning TRAVERSE accounting platform. With TRAVERSE Mobile Order you can:

  • Decrease order entry time and eliminate double data entry
  • Improve your customer service
  • Eliminate disparate systems and applications

TRAVERSE Mobile Order offers two options: a tradeshow wireless option and a standalone option. It utilizes Microsoft's .Net framework, is Windows Mobile 5 compliant and seamlessly integrates with many bar code scanning devices. Features include:

  • Ability to quickly add customers and ship to addresses on the fly
  • Automatic verification of existing customer's credit limits
  • Barcode scanners to quickly enter items into the order
  • Prepaid orders

For more information on TRAVERSE Mobile Order, click at right to view a product brochure and online demo

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TRAVERSE® Mobile Warehouse Solutions

Open Systems also offers TRAVERSE Mobile Warehouse. Mobile Warehouse combines the functionality of the TRAVERSE Warehouse Management application with the convenience of a handheld device. Mobile Warehouse is installed on a Pocket PC-compatible handheld device and is used on your warehouse floor to record receipts and shipments and to track item movement. Since the handheld connects directly to the TRAVERSE server via web services, the actions you record on it are automatically entered into TRAVERSE, ensuring that your inventory is always up to date. With TRAVERSE Mobile Warehouse you can:

  • Pull items from your inventory in order to fulfill orders
  • Apply the item quantities in shipments you have received to specific purchase orders, location transfers, or material requisition returns
  • Move items from one place within your warehouse to another
  • View on-hand and in-use quantities for the item you select to help you make sound decisions about purchases, sales and transfers

For more information on TRAVERSE Mobile Warehouse, click at right to view a product brochure

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